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Financial review

Tennis star Ash Barty’s mindset coach Ben Crowe will help those gathered find balance between confidence and happiness, using his unorthodox method of suggesting businesspeople see themselves as ... people.

Zac Vale, who built a career reminding stressed-out executives to breathe, will assist the Airtree stable in maximising performance by minimising panic.



Let's Just Talk PODCAST

On this weeks podcast I got to speak to Wim Hof qualified instructor Zac Vale.

Zac is the founder of In And Out Breathwork and as I mentioned above is a certified instructor in both the Wim Hof Method & Oxygen Advantage.

Zac was generous enough to share his story of depression and the years he spent in chronic pain with a back injury that was thought to require surgery and had him on HUGE amounts of brain altering pain medication...

Listen Here...



This episode features Wim Hof Practitioner & absolute legend Zac Vale, owner and founder of In and Out Breathwork. Zac shares his story on how he healed his body and mind through the breath. Having debilitating back pain, Zac spent five days awake due to unbearable pain, not being able to dress himself, and relying on pain killers, it wasn't looking good until he found the Wim Hoff Method.

Listen Here...

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